Welcome to Le Cheminant International HR Payroll Outsourcing

Cambridge UK based Le Cheminant International provides country based Payroll Outsourcing, HR support, Employer of Record services,  employment contracts, recruitment, employee health care services and employer of record (PEO) services in over 120 countries. A genuinely independent company with the interests of clients in mind. For public and private companies, and NGOs.

We have a library of country specific employment contracts. If you want a draft employment contract for a country shown on the list below, we will give it to you free. If it is not already on the list we will get one and send it to you. We do not guarantee that these contracts are perfectly up to date: countries can change their regulations overnight. 

We deal with every sort of enquiry in all countries on a daily basis, and can give you expert advice on any questions relating to HR such as: It is sometimes useful for HR Managers to have an independent source of expertise available in order to be able to evaluate demands that come from the “field” or in order to develop better HR practices.

When a company is expanding its sales coverage internationally it can use agents or distributors. But if a company wants to have its own local employees it can recruit local employees. Le Cheminant International can help with recruitment, then register just as an employer, and employ the staff directly. Le Cheminant International can arrange this registration and the compliant payroll administration in 120 or so countries.

The “Head Office” of your company no doubt already has its own substantial payroll administration, accounting and auditing function.
There will normally be lots of liaison with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables Tax advisors, banks, investment partners, shareholders, capital markets and auditors.

We maintain a list of mandatory EMPLOYER social charges. We re issue it every 6 months. If you want to  receive an update please contact us on info@lecheminantinternational.com

We do not guarantee that it is 101% perfectly up to date but for most decisions about costs, and budgeting  it is pretty useful.